The AQTION Story

AQTION was created to make equity markets more efficient

by providing a platform that would allow companies to get access to their investors and their expectations in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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Aqtion And Square
Curated and powered by SquareWell Partners

A boutique advisory firm to many of the largest companies globally, AQTION leverages insight gained from SquareWell Partners on how to build a better understanding of institutional investors and engage with them effectively.

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Committed to ensure companies fully own their relationship with institutional investors

Regardless of their investment style or geography, AQTION serves as a purpose-built platform that enables companies to work independently to gain unfiltered insight on their investors’ expectations to overcome information asymmetry and overload, and reach out to them directly without the interference of third- parties.

AQTION leverages a multi-disciplinary team

That has experience working at all relevant players within the ecosystem - proxy advisors, proxy solicitors, corporates, asset managers, sustainability consultants, investment banks, and data firms.

AQTION is a 100% web-based platform

Secured with full protection measures and overseen by a team of experts, you can gain round-the-clock access from anywhere and at any time. With consistent iterations and integration of robust safety mechanisms, your shareholders' information stays secure and confidential. 

Expertise at AQTION;

ESG Ratings Check Proxy Advisors Check Asset Owners Check Data Firms Check Asset Managers Check Proxy Solicitors Check Corporates Check Sustainability Consultants Check Investment Banks Check Law Firms Check

Our Team

George Cowlrick BW
George Cowlrick
Product Manager
Tom Belt BW
Tom Belt
Product Manager
Ali Saribas BW
Ali Saribas
Estelle Guichard BW
Estelle Guichard
Louis Barbier BW
Louis Barbier