Accessing your investors has never been this simple, or impactful.


AQTION empowers companies to build meaningful and trusted
relationships with their shareholders

AQTION is a purpose-built platform providing intuitive insights into your company's institutional shareholder base. Built for all industries, countries, and company size, our actionable insights and innovative tools streamline your shareholder engagement efforts.

With AQTION, gain direct access to relevant key decision-makers at your shareholders who focus on environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) topics and proxy voting. AQTION eases the role of Investor Relations and the Board Secretariat by providing a greater understanding of investors' ESG expectations to support the internal decision-making processes.


Gain rich insights into your shareholder base using secure and intuitive tools

Communicate directly with key decision-makers amongst your shareholders to have greater control over your narrative. 

Investors are a diverse group; each have their own expectations and influencers. Whether you want to understand your audience as a whole or on an individual investor basis, AQTION presents a 360⁰ view of your investors, helping you anticipate issues and prioritize efforts ahead of time. 

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Overcome cost and administrative hurdles with direct access to decision-makers. Avoid third-party involvement that may give you misleading or incomplete information about your shareholders. Whether communicating your latest strategy or organizing a roadshow, AQTION is there for you. Gain direct and efficient access to relevant decision-makers on ESG and proxy voting matters. 

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Investor feedback can easily get lost when multiple company representatives are involved. AQTION cuts out the confusion by centralizing all feedback received into one platform. Company reps can quickly log their interactions to make this institutional knowledge accessible to all departments, allowing for smooth collaboration amongst teams, alongside better management of shareholder relationships. 

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The landscape of investor expectations on ESG and proxy voting matters are continuously evolving. With AQTION, keeping up with the latest investors' developments and understanding who influences them is simple. With AQTION’s digestible and unfiltered analytics, companies can refine their practices, disclosures and better understand investor perspectives. 

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Investors are releasing a large number of publications in relation to their ESG strategy or expectations towards portfolio companies. With AQTION, you can access a keyword-searchable library of your investors’ policies and position papers, centralizing and accelerating any research your team needs to perform.

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Built by practitioners

This intuitive and user-friendly platform is easy to use for any team. To further make the most of what's available, all subscribers receive complimentary support and onboarding.

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